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Popis produktu Burton Est 08: Burton Typ: men's Konstrukce: soft * NEW EST What if you replaced the baseplate beneath your feet with a super-cushioned pad? What if you had the freedom to mount binding to board any way you see ... > více informací

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Burton Typ: men's Konstrukce: soft * NEW EST What if you replaced the baseplate beneath your feet with a super-cushioned pad? What if you had the freedom to mount binding to board any way you see fit? What if switching your stance width and angles was so stupid easy you could do it in seconds? With NEW EST binding, and the NEW Infinite Channel System mounting system found on select boards, your dreams are now reality. Combining futuristic thinking with old school sensibility, this revolutionary concept offers riders the world's first true board-to-binding system. Two screws and a single slot mount binding to board, while indicator windows let you dial in your exact stance width and angles. And that baseplate you used to run? It's gone! In its place we've added the SensoryBED - a fully cushioned and responsive removable pad. So what's all this mean for you? Link Infinite Channel-equipped boards like the NEW X8, NEW Stria, Jeremy Jones, or un..inc with the EST binding and experience the closest, most comfortable connection to ever see snow. Ride away from rock hard landings, manipulate your board with new school control and feel the terrain beneath you in wasy you nevere imagined - mind, body and board become one. Not ready for the future? Then run the retro-compatible Infinite Channel disk, which allows you to enjoy the adavantages of unlimited stance adjustability with any Burton binding. * Baseplates: Short-Glass Fiber/Nylon Composite The perfect blend of support and flexibility for peak-to-park destruction. * Hi-Backs: Canted Hi-Back Design Do you know the difference between your left and right? Of course you do, but most hi-backs don't. Our canted hi-backs feature an ergonomic design that follows the natural contours of your left and right legs for the most comfortable, precise, and natural fit to ever see snow. What's canting, you ask? Canting simply means we've tilted the hi-backs towards each other to maximize power, mirror the shape of you legs, and increase comfort so you can ride harder for longer. * Hi-Backs: Air Mesh Frame Air Mesh significantly reduces weight while maintaining the response, support, and strength our team riders rely on. If that's not enough, the unique properties of Air Mesh also allow the hi-back to hug the contours of your boot for the ultimate gapless fit. * Hi-Backs: Living Hinge This exclusive technology eliminates excess hardware and weight, and even allows you to adjust your Forward Lean independent of your hi-back rotation. Set your hi-back rotation once, never touch it again and still be able to adjust the Forward Lean any time. * Cushioning: NEW SensoryBED Our NEW SensoryBED, featured on the NEW EST binding, replaces the rigid baseplate found on your old bindings with a super cushioned, removable pad. This new way of thinkink transmits more information up through to your boots for fourth-dimension board feel, while absorbing impacts and vibrations before they ever reach your body. Remove the whole damn thing and ride right on the topsheet. How's that for a close connection? * Cushioning: B3 Gel Heel Cushioning The same cushioning found in our high-end boots, B3 Gel lets you stomp flat landings without self-detonating. * Straps: NEW Superstrap II - Superstrap Construction - 3D Curved, Triple Axis Spine - NeoPadding - TPU Tongue Tunnel * Straps: Super Capstrap - Super Capstrap Construction - 3D Curved, Triple Axis Spine - Low-Profile Grip Fit * Buckles: Smooth Glide Buckle Technology Buttery smooth entry and realease, and unmatched strength are the trademarks of our Smooth Glide buckle technology. Polished stainless steel, chrome-plated aluminum, and lightweight polycarbonate levers give you season after season of premium ratcheting power.

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